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Communication to your Lawyer

This story is about communication with your lawyer, (assuming that you have one).

Many people know a lawyer, or have a lawyer who they call whenever they think they need one. My first recommendation about buying a piece of property, is to see a lawyer who specializes in real estate.

The second recommendation is to see this lawyer to describe to her or him, exactly what you would like to purchase, and why.

Let’s assume that you want to buy a piece of residential property that is so large that it could become two residential properties, if it is subdivided.

You may not know whether the City will allow this subdivision, and if they would allow it, how long this process might take. You might not know whether the subsequent lot sizes would fit the City’s requirements.

Your communication to your lawyer is paramount. Once you have described what you want to do, you should then leave the matter in his (or her) hands. Your lawyer will answer all of the questions that you might have, and do the investigation with the City and follow up with the City and you.

There was a case recently, told to me by a lawyer I know, where his client asked him to undertake the subdivision of a piece of land, that already had a house on one side of it. The lawyer began this work, and told his client that it would take some time.

Without communicating to his lawyer, the client moved into the house on one side of the land, and hired a realtor to sell the other half, not telling the realtor that the plan of subdivision had not been completed.

Of course the sale fell through, and everyone was angry!!

Had the client consulted his lawyer before hiring the Realtor, everyone would have been satisfied.

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