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You Are a Busy Professional...

You are a busy professional. You may have invested in the stock Market, (with or without a Broker). You have watched your market returns, with pride, as it went up and (horrors) when it went down. You don't have time to consider purchasing stocks or bonds yourself, so you are content with waiting and watching.

Is that really smart? You may never have considered investing in the most stable property that there is ——Real Estate. Your house or apartment may be the only item that you have invested in, to date.

There is a whole world out there, in investment property, besides your own home.

Let’s talk about some Real Estate options, and consider which properties suit your financial goals: These goals will vary, depending on how long you want to keep your investment. The younger you are, the longer your life horizon is,the more you can afford to spend today, and the greater the financial gain, over time.

  1. Commercial condos: Yes. you can now purchase a piece of a property, like a condo in a strip mall, which gives you the advantage of a smaller cash outlay.

  2. Individual houses, or condos, which may come to market, and are being sold at a discount. (This could arise when an owner is pressed to sell, either because his or her property has been on the market too long, or when an owner dies.)

  3. An office building: Although office buildings are a more expensive purchase, they may be more secure, financially, because they offer long leases.

As your Real Estate Guru, we will guide you through all of the steps necessary, for you to fulfill your real estate investment goals.