Brent Business Services Ltd

We are in the business of making money in Real Estate, for Investors.


As Consultants,

we can guide you to fulfill your investment goals, because of our own experience in doing just that!!

Here's what we've done many times, and can do for you:

Arrange appraisals, represent our clients to purchase, sell or rent properties at the right price, negotiate leases on behalf of office tenants, employ architects, accountants, lawyers, at modest prices, on your behalf, do rezoning applications, and everything necessary to bring any project from design plans to fruition.


Some of our projects include: Highgate in Fort Rouge, a traditional architectural gem, thirty suites, purchased and redeveloped to today's standards, and recreated as contemporary condominiums for sale.


Crescent Court, a three storey building in Fort Rouge. House-sized Suites, redeveloped and sold as condos.


Bonaventure Village in St Vital, a one hundred and two townhouse development, designed and built as condos, near the St. Vital Mall on a three Acre site. Each unit sold to investors & rented on their behalf, managed by Brent.


Banbury Court in Fort Rouge, forty-four suites redeveloped and modernized, and sold as condos.


Remember this when you want to invest: stocks go up and down but Real Estate just goes up up up!


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